Museum of Values
Platybus & the Band

 25.08 – 03.09.2018

We are pleased to invite you and your friends to our exhibition of the museum of values at Burning Man – Platybus & the Band 6.16&G.

Exhibition and Opening hours

26.08. – 03.09.2018

open 24h
Burning Man 2018

Welcome Home. – this is what you feel when your arrive Black Rock City. 

So did the Team of the Museum again. 2018 was the year to bring the museum to the playa – as a gift for everyone. What is the Museum of Values about?
What is the idea behind it?

We want to make values tangible. We want to reveal new perspectives.
In our view values and their meanings are not adequately discussed today. In politics and the media they are talked about in a generic terms, in abstractions. Who wouldn’t agree on the ideals of freedom and respect? But how do we decide upon these values? What do they actually mean? And are there any that should apply equally to all people?

Our goal is to break values down and to make them tangible, so that others can experience and discuss them. We believe that anecdotes, objects and lived experience in space can encourage this essential discourse, forming moments of reflection.

This is why we call for submissions.

Share your value-story with us.

What does RESPECT, FRIENDSHIP or JOY OF LIFE mean to you? Be part of our project and help us create our next exhibition!

Be part of our “Museum of Values”. Send us your personal stories, your objects (at first just a photo) representing one of the three values. 

Send us your anecdote and related object to: