Jan Stassen

* 1988 lives in Berlin. He is an observer, curator and cultural translator. He holds a Master in Social and Economic Communication from the Berlin University of the Arts. From his personal desire and frustration, he began to think about his own values ​​and focus on what is actually important to him. This inner journey led him to co-create the Museum of Values. His goal is to create profound experiences, in which people can explore, connect and reflect on personal and collective values.


Laura Ludwig

* 1988 born in Berlin. She is doing her PhD in Media Studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin with a focus on big data and database changes in corporate culture and creativity. Her profound interest in innovative strategies, technology and design always connects Laura with her work. Alongside her studies at the HU, she started an international project, Agile Media and also works at the Media Innovation Center Babelsberg. For a long time, Laura has also worked as a product manager in software company. The work she does in the Museum of Values is linked to her scholarly research, of changing organizational types and societal changes in the current phase of paradigm and value change.


Thomas Loos

* 1984 lives in Berlin. While studying audiovisual media with a focus on the camera, at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, he founded his own media production company. His field of activity varies between his own film projects and freelance work assisting producers. Thomas represents the link between the creative and the organizational, a skill that he also brings in the museum.


Kira Krüger

* 1989 lives in Berlin. After receiving her master’s degree in media studies, Kira decided to pursue a doctoral degree with a focus on digital innovation and change in communication, at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Kira is convinced that in a modern way of conveying values, the connection between innovation and creative realization ​​can transform sustainably, in both individual areas of life and corporate development. That is why she has become part of the Museum of Values team. Her expertise lie in the intersection between marketing and communication processes, as well as creative conception right through to implementation.


Leo de Siqueira Regueira

* 1986 lives and teaches in Berlin. Leo has completed a teaching degree in Bochum with a semester abroad in the South of France, this was followed by the legal traineeship at a high school in Hattingen.The didactic reduction of complex questions, playful handling of difficult topics, as well as the promotion of individual and self-instructed learning are the focuses of his work. He develops experience-based learning concepts and brings his pedagogical skills to the museum team.